P Series Paint Marker

Mark any surface with confidence

Suitable for marking almost any surface, the Dy-Mark P Series Paint Marker is a highly versatile marker and essential in any work environment. Available in a range of colours and producing bold, opaque lines, they are the perfect for identification marking. Being light fast and weather resistant, the P Series Paint Marker is the best marker to make the transition from indoor to outdoor surfaces

  • Fast drying for permanent marks that are clear, distinct and less likely to smudge
  • Durable tips resist drying and abrasion and being replaceable, means rough surfaces won’t reduce the life of the marker
  • Delivers bold and easy to read marks, even on dark and transparent surfaces
  • Valve action tip prevents paint in the barrel from drying out when the cap is left off
  • Lightfast, UV stable and weather resistant, making it perfect for use on outdoor surfaces
  • Use with confidence on steel without the problem of bleed through after galvanising
  • Marks are removable in a pickling bath

P Series Paint Markers have a wide range of applications but particularly common in creating identification marks and for use in environments where marking multiple surfaces is common.

  • Stores and warehousing
  • Quality control in manufacturing
  • Colour coding and identification marks
  • Batch and lot marking
  • Steel manufacturing
  • Commercial, light and heavy industry use
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  • Packaged as 12 markers per carton (P10 & P20) and 6 markers per carton (P30)
  • Replacement nibs are available for all P Series Markers in packs of 10
  • Xylene Free
Safety Sheets:

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