Markal B Paintstik

Convenient, durable, easy to use

The Markal B Paintstik is a solid paint marker combining the durability of paint in the convenience of a crayon. This all round general purpose paint marker has the added benefit of marking on oily, icy, wet, dry or cold surfaces and is weather and UV resistant. It will also mark rough, rusty, smooth or dirty surfaces.

The resilient alternative to paint markers, chalk or wax crayons, Markal B Painstiks:

  • Will mark oily, wet, dry or cold surfaces
  • Won’t dry out, flake or run
  • Are weather and UV resistant
  • Will mark rough, rusty, smooth or dirty surfaces
  • Leave big, bold, thick marks that are highly visible
  • Contain low VOCs, and are lead and toxic free
  • Eliminates the need for replacement tips or priming
  • Are easily shaped for marking different widths

Markal B Paintstiks have a wide range of applications, but it is their durability and usefulness in adverse environmental conditions that make them essential for anyone who needs a general purpose marker.

  • Stores and warehousing
  • Quality control in manufacturing
  • Colour coding and identification marks
  • Batch and lot marking
  • Metal fabrication and metal production
  • Building and construction
  • Commercial, light and heavy industry use
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  • Packaged as 12 sticks per carton

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