Engineers Layout Ink (LOS)

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Commonly known as layout stain, marking blue or Prussian blue, Dy-Mark Engineer’s Layout Ink (LOS) is a dye used in metalworking to mark out metal parts for machining or pre-manufacturing.  Applied as a very thin layer of dye onto hard surfaces like metal or glass, it can be etched with a scriber or other sharp instrument to reveal a narrow line in the metal underneath.

  • Ideal for marking hard surfaces like metal or glass
  • Fast dry time and thin build prevents chipping and cracking during scribing
  • Allows for very precise and narrow lines to be marked using a scriber
  • Ideal for detailed marking out before machining, tool cutting or die making
  • Easily removed with methylated spirits
  • Ink colours provide a good contrast to the surface being scribed

Useful by a range of light, commercial and heavy industrial workshops carrying out

  • Tool and die making
  • Machinists
  • Pattern makers
  • Sheet metal workers
  • Maintenance mechanics
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Application & Field Notes:

Application: Apply with a soft brush or lint free cloth and spread evenly over surface. Allow to dry and scribe with a sharp tool

Handy Tip: Remove using methylated spirits.

Safety Sheets:

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