Mine Marking Handle

Bring your marking surface within arm’s reach

Ergonomically designed for use in underground mines, the Dy-Mark Mine Marking handle extends up to 5 metres at the push of a button. This quick and easy to use tool is great for marking any surface that is outside of arms reach and where the use of ladders is unsafe or impractical

  • Ideal for marking mine ceilings and top of mine face
  • Mark drill holes and survey points
  • Made of anodised aluminium to reduce static build-up (safe for underground use)
  • Useful in forestry for marking trees and branches
  • Mark high ceilings during building maintenance or renovation activities
  • Features include front extension for better balance and handling
  • Reduces repetitive back strain

Our Mine Marking Handle was originally designed for the mining industry, but has found wider use in other industry applications:

  • Mining and geology
  • Forestry
  • Construction and renovation
  • Building maintenance
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