Line Master

For reliable line marking accuracy indoors and outdoors

The Dy-Mark Line Master has been designed to be portable and simple to use. Made of sturdy steel construction, this line marking machine can be used on hard surfaces like roads and concrete floors and also on grass or dirt surfaces. Used in conjunction with the Dy-Mark range of Line Marking and Turf Master aerosol paints, the Line Master makes accurate application of lines quick and easy.

  • Highly portable with a collapsible handle, making it easy to store and transport
  • Has a removable handle that converts to a lightweight, spot-marking handle
  • Has a convenient utility tray capable of carrying 5 cans of Line Marking or Turf Master paint (enough for up to 400 metres of marking)
  • Has a side attachment to make it easy to mark lines against walls and gutters
  • Can be adjusted to produce line widths between 60mm and 100mm
  • Made of sturdy steel construction with large wheels designed to handle all kinds of terrain including roads, grassy areas, construction zones and industrial sites

The Line Master is ideal for marking:

  • Road surfaces and car parks
  • Warehouse and factory floors
  • For marking sporting courts and fields
  • To put down stencilled safety messages
  • Identification of utility access i.e. hydrants & telecommunication points with durable colour marks.
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Application & Field Notes:

Instructions: Insert can into the Line Master’s Spot Marking Handle. To achieve the narrowest line width, the spot marking handle must be inserted into the lowest position. Line width can be increased by raising handle in slot. Line width ranges between approx. 60mm and 100mm.

Handy Tip: Test line width by marking on cardboard until desired width is achieved. Masking wheels are designed to sharpen lines by catching any over-spray at the edges only.

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