Spray Writer

For added reach and marking accuracy
Also referred to as fluoro marker and tree marker, Dy-Mark Spray Writer has been uniquely formulated to reduce spray drift and allow maximum accuracy in marking tree trunks, branches, logs, and timber structures.

  • Formulated for outdoor use
  • Reduced toxicity formulation with low odour and low VOC
  • Designed for use on natural and cut timber
  • Will mark on wet surfaces without peeling or cracking
  • Available in a wide range of colours including highly visible fluoro colours
  • Non-fluoro colours are recommended for applications requiring greater UV durability

Whilst Dy-Mark Spray Writer has been designed for use in the Forestry industry, it can be used on a range of surfaces, making it a useful general purpose marker for the following applications:

  • Managing plantations and nursery stock
  • Logging and timber processing
  • Timber framing for the building and construction industry
  • Marking out services on ceilings and high walls during maintenance and renovation
  • Engineering and site marks in quarries
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Available in:




  • Net weight – 350gm
  • Packaged as – 12 cans per carton
  • Available as Horizontal/Fanspray nozzle
  • Will cover approximately 2 SQM per can
  • Low VOC
  • Toluene Free
  • Lead Free
Application & Field Notes:

Preparation: Shake can for at least 20 seconds after the mixing ball begins to rattle.

Application: Hold can upright or in the inverted position and spray with the nozzle 15-25cm from surface.

Handy Tip: Adjust spray pattern by moving closer or further away from surface to be sprayed.

Safety Sheets:

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