Spray & Mark

The perfect outdoor marker

Designed to create highly visible marks on a range of surfaces and as a colour identification system, Dy-Mark Spray & Mark is an essential tool for all tradesmen and field operators. Spray & Mark aerosol paint is ideal for use in surveying, construction, civil works and landscaping.

  • Available in wide range of highly visible and bold colours.
  • Suitable for colour coding utilities and laying out of survey lines
  • Useful as a general purpose marker for spot marking or “writing” survey and site marks. Sometimes called “Upside Down Paint”, Spray & Mark is designed for inverted use as a “writing” tool on hard surfaces
  • Sturdy trigger cap ensures a reliable, no-mess application
  • Non-clogging formulation ensures each can empties completely
  • Semi-permanent formulation. Marks will last 3-6 months, dependant on surface type and environmental conditions

Spray & Mark is extremely useful across a wide range of industries and applications. The can size, nozzle design and colour selection have been especially designed to make it ideal for

  • Surveying activities on roads and construction sites
  • Colour coding for utilities during construction and maintenance
  • Laying out landscaping designs
  • Identification of hazards and point of reference in temporarily unsafe areas
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  • Net Weight – 350gm
  • Packaged as – 12 cans per carton
  • Designed for inverted use
  • Will produce approximately 200 ‘X’ marks / 80-100m in a 50mm continuous line / cover 4-6 SQM
  • Toluene Free
  • Lead Free
Application & Field Notes:

Preparation:  Shake can for at least 20 seconds after the mixing ball begins to rattle.

Application: Hold can in the inverted position, approximately 10-15 cm from surface.  Spray thickness can be adjusted by moving closer or further away from surface to be sprayed.

Handy Tip:  When finished spraying clear the spray valve by holding the can upright and spraying until only gas escapes.

Handy Tip:  When working in a marked-out area around utilities, proceed with caution to avoid disturbing or damaging existing services.

Safety Sheets:

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