Spray Lacquer

At-a-glance colour coding for steel and timber

An easy to use colour identification system for grading steel and timber, Dy-Mark Spray Lacquer makes stock control and job management of raw materials a quick and simple job.  Steel painted with standard colours are removable in a pickling bath prior to galvanising making Spray Lacquer ideal for use by manufacturers, re-sellers and end users alike.

  • Colour range was designed with the Australian Steel Industry to meet AS/NZS 4496 standards
  • Spray Lacquer can be removed from steel surfaces during a pickling bath prior to galvanising, ensuring the quality of finished jobs is not compromised
  • It is lightfast and durable and can be used for marking steel and timber stored in indoor and outdoor locations
  • Particularly useful for identifying large jobs moving through workshops, and to identify specific parts or stages of manufacture.
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Available in:


  • Net weight – 350gm
  • Packaged as – 12 cans per carton
  • Horizontal/Fanspray nozzle
  • Will cover approximately 2 SQM
  • Lead Free
Application & Field Notes:

Preparation: Shake can for at least 20 seconds after the mixing ball begins to rattle.

Application: Hold can upright and spray with nozzle 15-20cm from the surface.  For best results, spray the surface using a side-to-side motion.

Handy Tip:  When finished spraying, clear the spray valve by holding the can upside down and spraying until only gas escapes.

Safety Sheets:

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