Spray Ink

Fast-drying spray for stencil applications and all-purpose marking

Commonly known as Stencil Spray or Stencil Ink, Dy-Mark Spray Ink is specially formulated for stencil applications. Available in a broad range of colours, Spray Ink’s ability to be used on any surface makes it ideal for creating a colour coding system and as an all-round general purpose marker.

  • Available in a wide range of bold, high-contrast colours
  • Also available in military use colours, Army Green & Camouflage Green
  • Useful for colour coding and lot identification in storage and stock control environments
  • Spray Ink is designed to leave a sharp, clean edge when stencilling. Stencils are produced without smearing or smudging and with minimal over-spray and drift
  • Formulation and actuator designs cover stencil surfaces with minimal passes to gain maximum coverage and image build-up
  • Use on any porous and non-porous surfaces
  • Fast drying formulation for easy, no-fuss application

Spray Ink is useful in warehouses and stock control for marking cartons, pallets & stretch wrap; for recycling packaging; as a colour identification system; in manufacturing for marking goods with batch numbers and company logos; for stencilling on doors, walls, car parks and signage

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  • Net Weight – 315gm
  • Packaged as – 12 cans per carton
  • Horizontal/Fanspray nozzle
  • Will cover approximately 3 SQM per can
  • Toluene Free
  • Lead Free
Application & Field Notes:

Preparation: Shake can for at least 20 seconds after the mixing ball begins to rattle.

Application: Hold can upright and spray with nozzle 10-20cm from surface.  For best results, spray the surface using a side-to-side motion.

Handy Tip: When finished spraying, clear the spray valve by holding the can upside down and spraying until only gas escapes.

Safety Sheets:

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