Mine Marking

A tough marker for tough environments

Designed for tough mining environments, Dy-Mark Mine Marking is the perfect solution for highly visible marking above ground. Whether marking out survey grid lines, for grading control, noting geological features or to identify hazardous working areas, Mine Marking a reliable choice for users in the mining sector. The high-performing, cost-effective Mine Marking is:

  • Available in a 360° valve for any direction spray
  • Two nozzle actuator types available – horizontal and inverted – for comfortable use in the desired application
  • Reliable performance in the field
  • Non-clogging formulation ensures each can empties completely
  • Used in grading control, pit walls and survey grid layouts.
  • Designed as a writing tool and to make bold, bright marks that are easily visible.
  • Available in high opacity, high quality colours for bright marks on mining surfaces
  • Industrial grade resins ensure marks are vivid and stick to rough surfaces on the first pass
  • Contained in extra tough cans (Bar rating 18), reducing the risk of puncture or can failure
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Available in:




  • Net weight – 350gm
  • Packaged as 12 cans per carton
  • 360° valve for any direction spray
  • Available as horizontal/fanspray OR upright/inverted spray nozzle
  • Will cover approximately 2-4SQM per can
  • Lead Free
Application & Field Notes:

Preparation: Shake can for at least 20 seconds after mixing ball begins to rattle.

Application: Hold can upright or in inverted position and spray with nozzle 10-15cm from surface.

Handy Tip: Move closer or further away from surface to adjust spray pattern.

Safety Sheets:

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